藝術界的狗,你見過嗎?Have You Seen These Dogs in Art?

With Chinese New Year upon us, I’m sure everyone, like me, has been caught up in the holiday celebrations.


China’s Lunar New Year is like Christmas in other countries, and is certainly treated with the same importance. New Year’s is not only a time to reunite with family, but also the beginning of spring according to China’s traditional 24 solar terms. There are countless legends about the twelve zodiac animals. One says that in ancient times, human knowledge was quite limited, and people couldn’t keep track of the years, months or days, so they named the years after twelve animals to make them easier to remember. This year, 2018, is the year of the dog. This affable animal has long been seen as a friend of humanity and a good partner in life.


Dogs are also a source of creative inspiration for artists. The first example that comes to mind is Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dog. Whether or not you like Koons, you have to admit this American artist’s works bring people a lot of joy. Like the balloon animals made at parties to enliven the atmosphere, Jeff Koons used a reflective surface as his material to create a jubilant atmosphere while also reflecting on the nature of art.

印象中,狗亦是啟發藝術家的創作題材。我當下想起Jeff Koons的《Ballon Dog》。無論你喜不喜歡Jeff Koons,都難以否認這位美國藝術家的作品令人看得十分開懷。猶如在慶典、派對上折出的巨型氣球狗帶來歡樂的氣氛,Jeff Koons運用反光表面為媒介,令觀者沉醉於歡樂氛圍的同時,反思藝術的本質。

In 1995, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Koons made a giant sculpture out of flowers, titled Puppy, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Kaldor Public Art Projects. The 12.4 meter tall Puppy was very well-received. The sculpture, combining the two lovable elements of dogs and flowers, represents love and happiness, and brought positive energy to the site.

​1995年,Jeff Koons更在悉尼的Museum of Contemporary Art以花兒為基調,創作了巨型雕塑《Puppy》,藉此慶祝Kaldor Public Art Projects的25周年,足足有12.4高的《Puppy》大受歡迎,花和狗兒,兩大可愛的元素建構而成的《Puppy》代表愛和高興,為人們帶來正能量。

British artist David Hockney, who likes to paint the things around him, has created over a hundred paintings of his two pet dachshunds. Hockney depicts these short-legged, long-bodied dogs in his signature warm, human brushstrokes, capturing them at play and at rest. These childlike dogs are adorable and unforgettable. Hockney has stated in interviews that the two dogs are his cherished friends.

​喜歡以身邊事物為題材的英國畫家David Hockney,畫過超過100幅以他兩只家犬Dachshunds為題的作品。Hockney透過溫暖具人性的筆觸,描畫短腿長身的狗兒,命名牠們玩耍、睡覺的神態,兩隻如同嬰兒的腊腸犬在畫面上非常可愛,令人禁不住一看再看。Hockney亦曾在訪問中表示,兩隻親愛的犬是他無比珍貴的朋友。

Andy Warhol was also devoted to a dachshund. Since he first adopted Archie, the two were inseparable. Archie went with him everywhere, from gallery openings and studios to restaurants. Warhol, of course, also brought Archie into the picture.

​同樣鐘情於臘腸犬的藝術家還有Andy Warhol 。自從他收養了臘腸犬Archie後,便與牠形影不離,無論是畫廊開幕、工作室、餐廳,Archie也會隨著Warhol的蹤影。不用說,Warhol 也將Archie入畫。

Finally, I will mention Lucian Freud’s sketches. His depictions of whippet dogs are particularly full of vitality. Always an animal lover, Freud was particularly fond of the animal side of dogs. In his works, we can see that he placed dogs on the same level as humans.

最後要提的是Lucian Freud的素描作品,他筆下的惠比特犬尤其富有生命力。向來以熱愛動物見稱的Freud,喜歡狗兒流露的動物性。在他的作品裡,可見Freud對人和犬一視同仁的平等態度。

Now, after all that dog talk, I would like to wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year, and good fortune in the year of the dog.